Larkspur California Real Estate
Larkspur California Real Estate

The weather in Larkspur, California, varies significantly throughout the year. The two main seasons are wet and dry. The month is February, with an average of 8.4 days with an average of 0.04 inches of precipitation. The driest month is October, with an average temperature of 61.8degF. Learn more here.


Marin County, Larkspur, California, is a small city with a population of 11,926. The city sits near San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Residents here can enjoy various outdoor activities and a vibrant arts scene. The town is home to several large parks with various areas for recreation. There are also many parks for children to play and enjoy. Learn more about Woodacre, California Real Estate.

Although the real estate market in Larkspur is not overly competitive, the community’s population is steady and is home to over 12,000 residents. Larkspur’s reputation for good schools makes homes for sale in the area very desirable. The area also benefits from easy access to Interstate 580 and Highway 101.


Larkspur has several unique shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It is also home to various outdoor activities, including hiking and biking. You can also visit the Marin Country Mart, an open-air commercial center with many organic and artisanal foods. In addition, Larkspur is home to a community garden and two outdoor tennis courts.

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