Cinema West Fairfax Theatre best place to spend quality time
Cinema West Fairfax Theatre best place to spend quality time

Is Cinema West Fairfax Theatre a 3D movie theatre? If so, where can I stay near this movie theatre? What hotels are nearby? Read on to find out. Listed below are some of the best hotels near Cinema West Fairfax Theatre. Read on to discover the best places to stay near Cinema West Fairfax Theatre and book your tickets online.

What hotels are near Cinema West Fairfax Theatre?

If you’re thinking of going to the Fairfax Theatre for a movie, here’s what you need to know. This theatre was built in the 1950s by the Blumenfeld Chain, and opened with Gregory Peck in “The Gunfighter.” It was later split into two theatres, but Cinema West restored it in 1993 and added three more screens in 2012. The theater closed briefly last year, but is expected to reopen on 11/2.


The stately Fairfax Theatre is a landmark that stands at the southern end of Kosher Canyon. The Fairfax Theatre has an Art Deco tower that resembles a miniature skyscraper. At the top of the tower are neon tubes in the shape of a globe. These tubes tower 30 feet above other buildings. If you’re looking for live music, Fairfax is a great place to check out macsat19broadway.

In 2009, the Fairfax Theatre was submitted for listing as a Historic Cultural Monument. Though it wasn’t landmarked at the time, new information has emerged about this historic theatre through its archives. It is now a historic landmark and can be visited by visitors. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. You’ll want to make your booking early, as the Fairfax Theatre is quite popular among Los Angeles filmgoers.

is Cinema West Fairfax Theatre 3D?

The Cinema West Fairfax Theatre is one of the few theatres in Northern Virginia that is 3D. The theater features stadium seating and a digital sound system. It also has two auditoriums with LDX screens. It is a great place to catch a movie, whether it’s a classic or new release.

It has three floors, including an auditorium and snackbar. It was formerly run by Lyndon Golin, who was the owner of Regency Theatres. The building’s new owner, however, has plans to demolish the Fairfax. Luckily, Hillsman Wright, a member of the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation, fought to save the lobby and the interior. He hopes to save some of the facade, but will remove most of it.

The Fairfax Theatre was built by the Blumenfeld Chain in 1950 and opened with Gregory Peck’s “The Gunfighter”. It was originally an eight or 10-plex, but was later divided into two theatres. The second half of the theatre is still the original theatre, while the fourth has brand new “screening rooms.” Cinema West originally had plans to add a 10 plex down the street, but the Fairfax town council refused to approve the project. As a result, they cut the original seating and replaced it with new seats.

The Fairfax Theatre was a stagehouse for a long time, but the building was not a full-fledged movie house until the late 1980s. Until then, it was run by the Metzger family. The project was valued at $110,000 on the permit. The two new auditoria were carved out of the rear of the building, with a hallway connecting the two.

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