Best Trails in Loma Alta Open Space Preserve
Best Trails in Loma Alta Open Space Preserve

Taking a hike through the Loma Alta Open Space Preserve is a fun way to spend a day. The park is filled with many trails for hikers to explore, from the gentle rolling hills to the rugged peaks and ridges. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views, and you can even camp for the night.

Loma Alta Open Space Preserve A Forest Sojourn

The Loma Alta Open Space Preservé is a hidden gem located in the heart of Marin County. This trail offers a variety of activities, including hiking, biking, and scenic vistas. A few of the trails are open to cyclists, and they are legal to ride at night. The trail starts in Fairfax, where you can access Glen Drive and the Glen fire road. From there, you’ll continue along Smith fire road.

The Loma Alta Preserve lies at 1592 feet above the town of Marin, and it offers spectacular views of the Bay Area. The trails follow ridge lines that connect four major watersheds in the area, including Miller Creek, Corte Madera Creek, and Lagunitas Creek. During spring, a series of waterfalls cascade down the cliffs.

Loma Alta is not as large as some of its neighboring preserves, but it is well-connected to other trails in the region. For example, the Loma Alta trail connects two suburban neighborhoods: Loma Alta and Terra Linda Ridge. It offers an excellent opportunity to explore the natural world in the middle of urban sprawl. Macs at 19 Broadway live music Fairfax California, a long-running bar in the East Village.

Loma Alta Open Space Preserve Hike

Loma Alta Open Space Preserv, located in northern Marin County, is a great getaway from the metropolitan hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. The park features a sprawling hill covered in grass that commands 360-degree views of Marin County. The trailhead is on Lucas Valley Road.

Loma Alta is not a popular hiking spot, and does not have many tourist amenities. The trailhead is not staffed by rangers and there are no visiting fees. Street parking is available near the trailhead. Hike listings can be found on the Marin County Parks Preservation and Recreation website.

Hikes in Loma Alta Open Space Pre preserve can be done on foot or on mountain bikes. The area is open to hiking, biking, and horses. During summer, the hills are covered in wildflowers and are very scenic. Parking is limited, so you must plan ahead.

The Loma Alta Open Space Preserv is a hidden gem in Marin County. You can find parking near the trailhead and a parking lot at the Big Rock trailhead. The Loma Alta Open Space Preserve is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, a network of hiking trails that connects several open space preserves. A great way to access this preserve is by accessing the Big Rock trailhead from Lucas Valley Road.

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